What is Argyle?

Argyle Search Partners is more than just a recruiting company, we are a talent development firm investing in the long-term success of both our candidates and the startup companies we connect them with. We do this by leveraging our extensive Venture Capital network and connections at the country’s leading consulting, accounting, and banking firms. Our goal is to bridge the gap between talented individuals and companies needing to bring on the skilled people they need to scale quickly and effectively.

What we look for in our

  1. Strong desire to play a management role in a growing company
  2. Business background in consulting, finance, or accounting
  3. Pre or post-MBA

What we look for in our

  1. Track record of rapid growth, with vetted business plan for sustained growth
  2. Sufficient venture capital funding to execute on business plan
  3. Early to late-stage

Our Approach

Building a successful long-term match between a candidate and a company takes more than just finding great talent and companies.  That’s why we’ve developed our 3-pronged approach to our search process:

Genuine Relationships

We work hard to earn your trust as a qualified and dependable agent for your success

Guided Approach

We help our candidates navigate the complexities of a career change with expert coaching

Targeted Placement

We match our candidates with companies where they will have the most significant impact

Argyle’s Future Founders Initiatives



Driven candidates with the career goal of running their own company.  These candidates should have:


  • strong passion for entrepreneurship
  • an appetite for risk
  • demonstrated leadership abilities



A special initiative offering access to private events attended by other founders/CEOs, and targeted placements at positions that:


  •  Report directly to company CEO/founder
  • Are a cross-functional role
  • Have equity upside



Our experience has shown that the best way to develop the skills, experience, and network to successfully run your own company are to spend time in a management role at a startup, and to build a network of as many successful CEOs and founders and possible.

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